About Marbelle Paris

Designer name : Belle Patiere

Design signatures:
 “Relaxed, refined, understated, sensual. Drape against structure. Fashion"

How would you describe your ideal client ? “Confident, open to new ideas but still with their own sense of style.”

Three spring/summer inspirations : “ My cat Barleyiere"

What’s next for your brand ? 
“ We are refining everything.”

Who are your design heroes? 
“ Claude Montana, Halston, Giorgio Armani, Anouska Hempel and Tadao Ando.”

What’s your favourite cultural hotspot in the capital?
 “Right now, it’s got to be my bedroom.”


PARIS FASHION is now 8 years old. Designed by Belle, it initially started as a collection of women's wear  for her Paris online eBay store, in 2012. The women's collection emerged after women started to shop the men's collection. MARBELLE PARIS has grown year on year. 

Marbelle Paris is said to be very Paris in its attitude yet with an ease and understated simplicity sometimes described as quite 'American'. From the beginning the collections have been said to be "a winning combination of the laidback and the edgy" .The backbone of each collection remains a unique range of ‘luxury basics’  with an overlay of more special pieces.

We have from the very beginning always sort out and favoured pure, ethically produced fabrics and yarns. We also also like to give fabrics and pieces "second lives " often through cold dyeing and recycling. Philip hates 'fast fashion'. Each collection morphs from the last , an ongoing but continuous story.

Clean, strong silhouettes are always intentionally quite sexy, often balancing a signature of drape set against structured, architectural tailoring, providing an overall aesthetic that has gained the brand a loyal customer base and a cult celebrity following. We cater for a client base with a particular mind set rather than an age bracket ; they start from early teens and go well into their 80's - most notably including 'regulars'.