Any delivery costs will be as itemised on the website in your order purchase and will be calculated and added onto your order total to pay when and if applicable.

Delivery costs are generaly only added on to lower value orders ; this changes during sale times when prices are low and profit margins lower.

We aim to ship within two working days. If you are a new customer or we think that we should check sizing we may contact to try to clarify this before shipping - it is clearly better to try to get things right first time.  if an order contains many items it may mean it takes longer to collate or we send it in two parts.

We now ship all our orders via E-Packet

You may call customer service or email them for tracking information,  Monday-Friday customer service between 10.00am - 6.00 pm, Paris time on +44 7491 976645. Help is often available out of those hours and please do email


Please always include your telephone number , with its' international prefix if necessary, and also let us know if you have whatsApp , as we may use that. It's very useful when there are big time differences and easy to send any images etc .

Please note :

  • Shipping costs when applied are non-refundable - unless an item were faulty
  • If you think the shipoing costs are too high please let us know and we will double check them and we are very happy about being totally transparent on this.
  • A specific delivery time slot for your order cannot be specified by us. However you will have the opportunity to communicate directly with the courier.
  • Saturday deliveries are sometimes available with depending on your location - at an additional cost. Please call to request.
  • You will receive a FIRST email when your shipment is entered onto their system - this does not mean it has been shipped.
  • If you choose to change the stated delivery address we cannot be held responsible for any loss or mishap and the change is entirely then your responsibility.